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偏锋 博览会 PIFO Art Fair | 2023 ART 021 E05

PIFO Gallery is participating in the 2023 Art 021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair from Nov. 9 to 12, showcasing artists Enrico Bach, Kang Haitao, Li Jikai, Ma Ke, Ni Jun, Julio Rondo, Tong Kunniao, Wu Jian’an‘s works. We are pleased to welcome you on our Booth E05.



The Blind Men and the Elephant VII

About Gallery


PIFO Gallery concentrates on the participation of the course of Chinese contemporary art and the exploration of post-war European master artists and seeking for all possibilities of art power in the dialogue and collision between the two aspects. As a major gallery in China specialized in the study and promotion of abstract art, and also the main institution to continuously explore the various possibilities of figurative art at present, PIFO is convinced that the experience of art emerges from the new world created by one revolution after another; The artist’s work is the third eye to explore the world. For collectors, PIFO provides expertise and encourages them to explore their own unique perspective because only the combination of the two can make a great collection. We hope to see a growing number of collectors to take on the roles of a connoisseur, with a more in-depth understanding of Asian and Western contemporary art, and appreciate the artists discovered, reshaped and firmly believed in by the gallery.